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  1. Let’s be real people hate Arsenal because Arsenal fans will back their team to the ends of earth and they hate it. Even tho every other team does the same thing😅. Let’s be real u lot are beefing Arsenal fans on twitter and ig who have never been

  2. I agree city have cheated and should be charged, but Arsenal had the league in their hands and they lost to Villa. Not city’s fault. Also KSI whining like the child he is

  3. Arsenal fans talk like they are man city fans with nothing to back it up, Man city fans are annoying but atleast their big talk comes from facts, arsenal fans pretend like they are on the same level while almost losing to spurs in the trophee count. 😂

  4. From Sir Alex Ferguson winning everything to Pep Guardiola to win everything now. it's boring to Arsenal , because Manchester Clubs always dominating English Football

  5. Bruh Real Madrid didn’t get anything handed to them
    They rebuilt their team so efficiently after Ronaldo left it’s crazy
    Now they’re about to get Ronaldo 2.0 while having the best team in Europe

  6. A large portion of arsenal fans are unbearable and you lost the premier league when you went to the Eithad vs city and played for a draw, when you lost to villa, west ham and tied spurs at home. You have no one to blame beside yourself.

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