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Some times we wonder why do athletes do that or WTF if that athlete doing. The dumbest plays in sports history bring some of the best laughs so we decided to put together an epic compilation of the dumbest sports players ever.

So without further adieu, today we present The DUMBEST Plays In Sports History Ultimate Compilation

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29 comentarios en “The DUMBEST Plays In Sports History || COMPILATION”

  1. that colts play was not dumb. maybe the guy who snapped the ball is. it was a mistake. drawn up great if ya realize the original intent. but know it is in your vid as well as others. wrongo. but i know ya dont care.

  2. The red wings were the best team at the time… and Roy was the smallest goalie wearing the biggest pads allowed so he didn't drop the puck his tiny hands weren't big enough to close his glove with the puck in it

  3. While I myself would have handed it off to Lynch instead of passing it, everybody acts like the touchdown would have been a gimme. There was no guarantee that Marshawn would have scored. He probably would have, but then again he might have been stuffed at the line.

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