Gary Neville discusses Manchester United’s 3-1 win over Tottenham in the Premier League, the use of VAR to disallow a Edinson Cavani goal, West Ham’s 3-2 win over Leicester with Jesse Lingard scoring twice and Liverpool’s battle to make the top four.

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37 comentarios en “Gary Neville on Man Utd's comeback, the use of VAR & Jesse Lingard's form | The Gary Neville Podcast”

  1. Did you see the liverpool and Newcastle ridiculous decision. It is things like that what make football just not worth watching anymore. no fans and var. Football has died already. Why was the referee not invited to watch a replay on that choice. Every week there seems to be stupid decisions made by var. Putting referees under more pressure and at the same time taking away their power to officiate the games

  2. Its a good thing that precious flower Son Heung Min didnt have to do his military service in Korea because he would have been a laughing stock to real men… Guaranteed Dishonourable Discharge…. wonder how these pathetic footballers would react to an ACTUAL injury.

  3. The kicking the ball away point is so important. Look at teams like city. They foul teams that are on the break, inevitably dont get a yellow, kick it away so the other team cant play on, inevitably dont get a yellow. I HOPE once the fans come back in and start moaning when this happens, itll start the cards come out. Stop teams like man city so blatantly cheating. Refs definitely react to crowd noise.

  4. The only sport I know of that has introduced camera decisions seamlessly is Tennis. Because, I think, they use it for a specific purpose, to decide whether or not the ball was out and only at the request of a player. Umpires in cricket seem to have ceded their responsibilities to DRS to the point where you might wonder why they are there at all. Referees are rapidly following the Umpires lead. I suppose the real trouble is that you can't uninvent the technology, mores the pity.

  5. everyone going on about Cavani like he's scored loads of goals. He's on £300k a week, scored 8 goals from 29 appearances and yes he was decent today, but what about the previous 8 ineffectual performances. This is why United are not going to win anything, anytime soon. Standards have dropped massively, even Gary Neville's. Your Striker is there to get goals. End of. But we've started rating 'work rate' like a team fighting relelgation. Like a lot of fans do with Fred "Oh he gives the ball away all the time, but its his work rate"… Pathetic.

  6. Gary,as a United fan for 50 years it pains me to say this :
    What are you doing pal ?!
    Trying to talk sincerely about the "Hoax virus" & getting vaccinated.
    Aye,they ask our "heroes" to promote this injection of poison. (Great programming Gary)
    Have you been vaccinated ?!
    Have you bloody hell & neither has the psychopath you was talking with.
    You're the equivalent of what they call a "Jewish Zionist"…Is it worth your job to encourage us to harm ourselves ?!
    Seems so !

  7. It used to be that the players knew the ref and how he officiates and adjusted accordingly. It used to be a relationship within the laws, between the ref and players. VAR has destroyed that and this is why NO ONE knows what the application of the laws means…..

  8. Offside is pretty cut and dry.. Your either on or off. If you start giving attackers the advantage then its unfair on the back 4 who train all week to keep a good line and catch the forwards offside. Why not make so if your a couple of mil or an armpit onside then your really offside? Give the defenders the advantage.

  9. Lingard, Jack wilshere, ravel morrison, Ross barley, jonjo shelve. All came thru at the same time and lingard is the only one who out of the names mentioned has had some success. World Cup semi final, fa Cup, europa league winners medal champions league experience.

  10. Neville is spot on with the rulebook reflections. Wasn’t a fan when he defended Jose when he was doing us like he’s doing Spurs rightnow, but I assume he knew better and took responsibility for the club.

  11. Next season there may not be Pogba, Cavani, unreliable Martial, tired Rashford and Bruno and Degea not having a number 1 spot. Unless they plan , it’s going to be tough

  12. Hi gary, just a thought about the offside rules.

    I believe that the point of which they draw the lines should depend on what part of the body you score with. For example if you score with your feet then the line will be put at your foot even if your head is leaning infront of the proposed lines. However if you score with your head and the offline decision is tight then then lines should be drawn from your head as this is the body part of which the advantage has been had.

    Another example would be if your score with your feet and your head is in an offside position but your feet are on then the goal should count.
    Just a thought
    Many thanks

  13. The fans despise the refs using the VAR. If it's implemented correctly, with clued up refs who know the rules, problems will be less. Stop making bullshit rules like oh I can't go back and give a corner because I've already given a freekick, or I can't do X because of Y. We all watch football, we all have the same grasp of the rules, common sense needs to prevail. If there's a obvious mistake, as humans, we should be able to admit somethings wrong and change it. Even if it's against your team. Do it for the sport. Cos football will die if you let these twats keep it going this way. It's not the same sport me or you played on muddy pitches growing up.

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