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We wanted to have some fun with this video, so we went to Walmart and purchased this pair of $28 George men’s chukka boots. We disassembled this pair of boots and built them back up using premium materials. This pair of boots definitely received one heck of a makeover. Now, we’re auctioning them off and giving ALL of the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Ebay Auction:



Video edited by: Ashley Saldanha

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44 comentarios en “$28 WALMART Shoes Are Taken Apart and UPGRADED | Shoes AUCTIONED FOR CHARITY”

  1. So basically like taking a Chevy cavalier and putting a corvette engine and interior in it. This is definitely the best use of the term Lipstick on a pig. Amazing guys shows what quality workmanship can do

  2. Great work guys. So they actually make a grey suede version of this boot and for some unknown reason I have found it to be the most comfortable and stylish shoe I've ever owned. I switched out the hideous laces they came with and I get tons of compliments when I wear them.They are cheap and wear out quickly so I've easily bought 3 pairs of the same exact shoe in the past 3 years but damn I love them for some reason. Cheers.

  3. Sorry, I just hate cheaply made shoes and those uppers are just that. Fake crap. Beautiful job on the sole though! But the uppers are so cheaply made. Not even worth it. It's such a mismatch.

  4. I'm glad you guys are working with a charity. I had a set of Hawthorne boots built for my feet years ago when I was working. The best you to explain to people how they felt, putting them on felt like going home. That good. It's nice that quality is still "a thing" .

  5. I wonder if my childrens children are gonna be into fine footwear like myself and stumble across a youtube video where someone finds this shoe at a thrift store somewhere and wonder or how a wal mart branded shoe ended up like this

  6. If this isn't the perfect example of '..putting perfume on a pig' then I don't know what is, what's funnier is knowing that the soles will last longer than the shoes themselves!

  7. Hi guys, I really love your videos. I would like to know how do you get rid of the mold smell on shoes. It is very humid where I am staying and one pair of my shoes get moldy. I have cleaned and conditioned the shoes but the smell are still there. I have dry them out away from direct sunlight and even put them in the freezer for one day, still does not work. Your advise please. Thank you.

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