Toronto FC are looking to keep their Supporters’ Shield hopes alive Sunday night when they host an Inter Miami CF side trying to push above the playoff line in the Eastern Conference.

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  1. Based on transfermark, why inter miami doesn't sign free agents ( free transfers) experienced player like : Jack Wilshere, Shinji Kagawa, Gael Clichy, Alen Halilovic, Ignacio Abate, Danny Simpson, Ahmed Musa, Yohann Cabaye, Ashley Williams, to strenghten their weakness area in defensive & midfield?

  2. No solo la defensa del Miami es desastrosa sino que los que deberian definir en una jugada de gol son de un nivel pauperrimo como minimo. El pipita dentro de todo lo intenta pero los demas dejan mucho que desear.

  3. Inter Miami can be a solid team despite being a new club but their problem starts w the manager. Alonso is a good manager. As soon as he scores he protects the score and ends up losing the lead. I know this bc his former team is the team I support and he got fired.

  4. The standard of play is so poor. Really is! Higuaín cannot change the game alone it requires a team effort. Really poor standard especially the defense. A championship side or league 1 in the UK will definitely give MLS teams a good game.

  5. Miami should fire the coach if he can't make the playoffs. Next year bring in Marrizzio Sarri as the new head coach. Bring in better defenders and better playmakers in the midfield. Damn this team is bad. Oh well it is it's first year. When the next transfer window comes up they better be wise with who they scout and bring to the team.

  6. Sorry but whoever edits these highlights needs to get a clue. Look at what happens between around 0:50 and 1:20. A cross-field pass which just gets cut before we see what happens and a ball that just goes out for a throw-in. These aren't highlights. I don't want to be a Eurosnob but please watch how other countries do it. This shows no understanding of the game.

  7. All those commenting "this was not a penalty" put up your glasses, and slow down the video to max possible and/or read again the rules of this sport. If after that your opinion does not change, it means that you're too dumb, or a salty Miami fan, or a TFC hater.

    This would be a 100% penalty in any of the best 6 leagues of the world!
    The fact that MLS maybe it's the 15th best in the world, does not mean that there one like this is not a penalty, lol.

  8. Another gift for TFC by the referees. After that irregular game winning goal at New England (clear foul by Akinola), this joke of a penalty. This was a yellow card for diving, not a penalty. A very easy schedule, all these officiating errors… it looks like MLS really wants Toronto to win the shield.

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