Contrarian sports fan and frequent CONAN guest Bill Burr weighs in on professional athletes using steroids, giving foul balls to kids, the Super Bowl halftime show, and more.

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50 comentarios en “Bill Burr's Sports Rants”

  1. When Bill talks about still watching OJ Simpson videos thats like a wrestling fan talking about how good of a wrestler Chris Benoit was even though he murdered his family.

  2. My mother died of cancer and the last thing I want to see is stand up to cancer in the middle of a game because I am trying to forget about her dying and just check out for 3 hours and not think about it
    If sports keep doing that then I will not watch anymore and I will just listen to music

  3. oh, this reminds me off all the people I know that don't watch football talking about how they'll never watch football again over their support of BLM. And Drudge Report reporting that ratings are the low. (when it's nice fall weather all over the country)

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