How Do Football Managers Cope With Stress? | #premierleague #championsleague

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Top level football management is a high pressured industry, and places many coaches under extreme stress. So how do they cope?

Let’s find out 🤝

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  1. A lot of them smoke, Ancelotti still smokes, just not in public, Sarri used to smoke on the bench up until 2014, Zidane smokes as well, he even smoked as a player, along with Bartez, Buffon, Rooney, Balotelli, Ashley Cole, Cruyff, Marco Veratti, Ozil, Sneijder, Berbatov, Messi and Maradona. There's a lot of others that I haven't mentioned but a lot of players and managers smoke.

  2. Yeah let's put emma haiz and XAVI in the same sentence so we can sympathise about her when she is managing a female football team🤦‍♂️. the media just went crazy by feminism 🤦‍♂️

  3. That’s good stress well I mean for the top 1% of managers who are making millions whether they get fired or not. Bad stress is not knowing where you are going to sleep tonight or if you’re going to jail or not.

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