Simon Jordan Claims Maresca Could THRIVE At Chelsea As Premier League LOSES It's TOP Managers! 👀🔥👏

Chelsea are closing in on Enzo Maresca. talkSPORT’s Jim White and Simon Jordan have their say!


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43 comentarios

  1. Simon i Said the Same thing hence i Believe they Should Have Kept Poch and put the same Faith in him Because poch Proved he could compete with all the Big Guns and Now that They are All Gone he Would had Time to Build a Squad to Challenge Arsenal, because they are The Team to Beat Not City,because they are On the Decline.. there core players are Older and not the same.

  2. Boehly liked Poch and wanted him to stay. But Eghbali and others thought otherwise. Boehly was outnumbered and so Poch mutually agreed to leave.

    Eghbali and those sporting directors are the problem.

  3. One of the biggest clubs in world football 🤣 my god ,Jordon does love to big Chelsea up , Spurs are a bigger club than Chelsea and No one will convince me otherwise . Jordon has all the big talk but knows very little about football bless him .

  4. If Enzo is given players calibre of Osimhen, Pickford, De Ligt, and Olise, as we still need those 4 positions filled and don't try to do this with solely young players and no dressing room to help. Offload Kepa, Lukaku, Ziyech, Broja, Hall, Sterling, Maatsen, Disasi and unfortunately Chillwell, Gallagher and Chalobah to raise funds. Napoli want Lukaku so that could bring the Osimhen fee down, and same with Everton want Sterling and we want Pickford. Poch had to ice-skate up hill with some of those players last season.

  5. I still remember when Blackburn hired Brian Kidd thinking he would be the next Fergie and the same with England and Steve McClaren. I get Arteta has impressed but was given 5 years and 500 millionth date and didn't impress in his first 3 seasons living off the FA cup win. I can only hope Maresca is given time and the missing players he needs and is actually a brilliant new manager but i have serious doubts.

  6. Ahhh right, so simon thinks this man whos managed jn the second English league is a good fit for chelsea but ten hag whos won two trophies, gotten to 3 finals doesn't have what it takes to manage united 😂

  7. Crazy mental gymnastics from this failure. Crazy how everyone is scared to look at Chelsea and call it what it is. They told us the same excuses when they hired 4 managers in 2 years. If that happened anywhere else…my word. This chelsea fever is madness. Giving me Israel vibes
    We all know they are vile and disgusting beings but nobody calls it out. Grown ass men who can't share their honest opinions because they are getting paid. Weakness personified.

  8. Man said Emery is a 'decent' manager 😂. Hes won more trophies than you can shake a stick at. He is the best manager in the league, bar none. Id like to see Pep or Arteta take Villa to the CL.

  9. Wow… as a Spurs supporter with NO DOG in the fight….I'm surprised. He started well with a Prem squad but….they struggled at times…….PLEASED with Chelseas appt.
    Should have stayed with Poch!!

  10. Hypocritical Simon, insanity….

    So kompany can't thrive at a powerhouse club like Bayern Munich,
    but a championship manager can "thrive" at Chelsea who doesn't give managers time to build a super club…
    Okay Simon your reasoning makes so much sense 😂😂😂

  11. If I had my way it would be Boehly and co that go. It was just a few days ago Boehly was saying how impressed he was with the 'beautiful' football Chelsea were playing and his reward for that is to sack him? Saying that I never wanted Poch, I was happy with Tuchel and we have had some poor managers like Potter. Boehly thinks the answer is to employ another yes man which Poch was until a few months ago and then it got better. What Chelsea need is a strong manager that decides on the players he needs. We are still waiting for a striker FFS, Broja comes back and gets farmed out when we needed backup, Boehly is a clown.

  12. Simon Johnson's hatred on Chelsea is ridiculous to even listen to. Calling Roman Abramovich a war criminal is beyond insane. The Clownlake at Chelsea would not even achieve ten percent of what Roman Abramovich did at Chelsea. So get lost mate.

  13. The way he talk about this manager and Chelsea compared to United and ETH is a joke.

    He didn't rate ETH from the start, refused to give him credit last season, and now still dismisses him, yet this new guy that has achieved nothing in his career is a good manager.

    He also talks about new ownership at Chelsea, and then says United have had 11 years, even though there is clearly new ownership at the club.

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