David de Gea GHOSTED Football?😱

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  1. He made like 200mil pounds or somethin like that just from united plus endorsements and stuff. I don’t think him or any of his next 10 generations needs to work anymore 😂😂😂

  2. People criticize Onana but he is the 3rd best goalkeeper in the league with a 75% success rate and United are the team with the most shooting chances. Your defense has let the attackers have over 190 shots in just the last 4 games. It's crazy. Onana suffers enormously with a defense as mediocre as yours. Have you ever seen Onana concede 7 goals in a single match? You don't even deserve Onana. And he doesn't improve, he gets back to his level. I have to remind you that he was voted best goalkeeper in the UCL last year? A team went with him to the UCL final where they lost to City conceding just one goal. Onana should have gone to a real team and not Man UTD. Keep blaming the good players but everyone sees that good players become bad players when they come to your club.

  3. He was betrayed by United and people around him and nobody wants to tell him that at all. He’s right now hanging around with fake people who never appreciated him properly like many Manchester United fans did for a very long time. Wished everybody saw it like that instead of being you know “glad he’s fucking gone and everything like that”.

  4. "Yes he was prone to an error or two-hours worth for a compilation freely available on twitter"

    Truly, one of the most unbalanced, overpaid goalkeepers ever. Fair play to him for extracting what he can, he's priced himself out of further work, because he was being paid more than he is worth.

  5. You can’t be a good GK with a shitty team, look at Ter Stegen when Barca has a really bad defense, de gea is great UtD just burrys great players, Sancho, Ronaldo, van der vart, casemiro, UTD has a roster and they play like ass

  6. The game has changed , most teams are using a ball playing keeper now and sadly de gea isn’t one of those keepers, even though he does what a goal keepers job actually is really well and one of the best shot stoppers but the games evolved now and most teams want a ball playing keeper now

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