Leicester 2-1 West Ham | Premier League Highlights

Watch highlights of West Ham’s final Premier League game of the season, away at Leicester.

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Camiseta Tercera Equipación Arsenal 20/21 Mujer Grossistes maillot de foot pas cher chine de la Chine maillot de foot pas cher chine Grossistes,Ventes en gros et bien plus

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  1. Generasi Juara Leicester 4-4-2
    Coach : Claudio Ranieri

    ○ ○
    Okazaki Vardy
    ○ ○
    Albrighton Mahrez
    ○ ○
    Kante Drinkwater
    ○ ○ ○ ○
    Fucsh Huth Morgan Simpson


    Subtitues :
    De Laet

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  3. I love it when our goalie doesnt come off his line for crosses which fall in the six yard box or when he drops to his knees as a shot comes in, really cant wait for next seasons low block and willfull concession of possesion.

  4. When your two wingers seem more keen on scoring for themselves from a much harder angle rather than feeding your solid more central, better positioned strikers, surely, they're going to score some of it and get the glory they want, but at the expense of passing up the team's easier scoring chances, which nobody seems to notice or cares to notice. At the end, this outcome inevitably speaks for itself. I only wish Brendan Rogers was here to experience the outcome too. Napoli will be the next team to follow this same champion to nobody path as the same mindset has been adopted there too. I feel bad for the Liecester players except for two. See you back up soon!

  5. You've gotta feel for Leicester though in a way, haven't you?
    Because they did their bit, they did what they had to do by winning their game but it STILL wasn't enough, they STILL ended up being relegated 😬😬😬

    Oh well never mind, rather them than us I guess 😂

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